Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Add Google Analytics to your blog or website.

How to Add Google Analytics to your blog or website.

Google analytics is a great tool provided by Google as a free service for Gmail account holders.Google analytics provides detail information on what is going on your website or blog.
Google analytics can monitor real-time website activities like real time visitors on you site,location of visitors, content viewed, traffic sources, from where the traffic to your site is coming.
Other features like Intelligence Events, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions. Totally free from google.
Analytics can provide many useful information about your site…and you can get track of your site.
You can also link your webmaster tools,adwords,adsense accounts to google analytics.
First thing to do in order to add analytics to your site or blog is to add a tracking code.
There are two basic methods are mentioned by google:

Add tracking using Google Tag Manager [Universal method to add Analytic to blog or website]

To add tracking code to your website you have to create a Google tag manager account..

1.Go to Google tag manager and signup.

2.Fill your account name..and check the check box below it if you want to improve your Analytics data.

3.Give a container names...cotainer is important because " A container holds all the tags for a specific website, so it’s best to name the container after the site. For the site, you might name the container "example""-google

container contains google analytics tag,adword tag, etc.

4.Now click on creat..
Accept all terms...and click on yes....

5.Copy and paste this snippet immediately after the opening <body> tag on every page on the site.

Now you have done adding Tag manager code to verify your website on Analytics account.

Add the tracking code directly to your site [easy mothode]

1.Log in to your analytics account.

2.Then go to admin…select property, from dropdown menu and create a new property.

-Give website name and website URL.

-Select the industry type .i.e website type.

-Add Reporting Time Zone.

-And click on get tracking ID.

3.Now you will be directed to Administration panel. From there click on tracking ifo and click on Tracking code.

4.Now copy the tracking code which is java script and paste it in <head> tag of your websites HTML code.
Now you are almost done. If you want to edit extra setting like AdWords linking, AdSense can do it now from there.

After placing Analytics code you have to wait for 24hrs to get real-time data.