Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dolby ATMOS™ R5 and R6.3

Dolby ATMOS™ R5 and R6.3

This is the Dolby Atmos sound effect ported from a Lenovo rom. This should work on all devices (starting from Android 4.3) since it is a software effect. It might conflict with other dolby effects you already installed. Flash the zip, it will edit (not overwrite) your audio_effects.conf.

Initial release

Fixed compatibility for Android 4.x in Ds.apk and DsUI.apk
Changed uuid and name of the library so it doesnt conflict with other dolby libraries (Ds and DsUI still do but will be overwritten)

Removed demo video, size reduced to 3 mb

Renamed namespace
Renamed Ds/DsUI to As/AsUI
Start from a clean rom (dirty flash) when installing this since it will not cleanup the previous version

Patch both /system/etc/audio_effects.conf AND /system/vendor/etc/audio_effects.conf to bypass those badly implemented audio mods that blindly overwrite audio_effects.conf or put an unused audio_effects.conf in /system/vendor/etc.

Added permissions in installer script

Download Dolby ATMOS™ R5 [3MB] ZIP

Download Dolby ATMOS™ R6.3 [2.83MB] ZIP