Saturday, May 23, 2015

What should you need to know about Android M

Android M

Release date
History says we can probably expect to see it either at Google I/O next summer or towards the end of September. The last three versions of the OS have been announced in September (KitKat) June (Jelly Bean) and October (Ice Cream Sandwich) respectively. Not to mention the June 2014 reveal for Lollipop.

Better Google Wallet
Google, by contrast, attempted to launch Google Wallet three years ago but Android fragmentation means it hasn't been able to gain a foothold. Once the security is in place, Google could approach credit card companies in the hope of rebooting Google Wallet for Android M

Android's pull-down notifications panel accomplishes this to an extent but a unified messaging hub would be an attractive feature for multiple email and messaging accounts with different services. Built-in filtering would allow you to choose to only view certain accounts if needed and to quickly dispatch or delete emails, texts or WhatsApp messages.

Health and Google Now integration

Google Fit is Google's platform for this purpose and it will be bringing life-tracking goodness to Android L later this year.As per Android's usual approach there will be a single set of APIs, letting manufacturers hook their devices up with the operating system via their own apps. But a greater use of these metrics in real time, through Google Now, would be a massive plus for Android.