Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Write Great Blog post Content.

How to Write Great Blog post Content.

Writing a blog post on a specific topic is easy if do it in right way. When we think about wrighting blog post  and start typing then first thing should come in mind that what  are we going to wright and what is the goal of our words.

Few things should keep in mind when creating a blog post,

Righting language

When wrighting blog posts mind your language, language should be simple and easy to understand.more the common is wrighting language more the visitors engagement will be to your blog post.
Using common words will not make you illiterate but it will be easy for you to create post and for reader to understand and most important, the topic on which you are creating post will be directly connected to readers mind.it is just like you are selling your post to reader who is your costumer.
Don’t try to use a whole dictionary as it will withdraw interest of readers and their understanding will jump off out of your post .

Post format

Second most important subject is format of post. Creating a post in proper format is as important as you count your salary or pocket money.

Count your words,count meaning of words,as you know  that when some one talk too much he will start speaking those things which are not the part of logic of topic so be specific on topic try to keep your words limited as necessary.

For example if I want to know “how many google AdSense  ads I can place on my post?”
The simple answer is only three ads we can place on per page. dont  try to go in depth, if it’s not necessary.


Use a title that make  readers curious,creat a environment around, that he can’t resist own self from reading  your post.

A good title is just like a movie trailer, the whole scenario is trapped inside it.

Good title can create a deep interest as the readers will start to imagine, and so on  their curiosity will grow.

Editing of post  

Use a good editing software as they will help you in correcting wrighting mistakes and will suggest correct words for you.

You can choose different fonts, language in which you want to create post and much more. Highlight important word or line or paragraph using bold, underline, italic using different colors as you want.
If you use windows then Microsoft word best in its class.
“First impression is last one”

Google it.!

When creating a post you should have knowledge of the topic of the post so use google its free for searching get as much information as needed.

Try to understand the topic in more detail, and create a rough structure on a paper or in mind.
For example imagine you want to create  a post on a specific phone then you should have a basic structural knowledge of phones. Rest depends on you that how deep you can dive.

Don’t be lazy

Some people become lazy when its time to wright a post they seek for alternatives they hire a writer or want it done by some one else.

Honestly what you can wright some one else can’t.

If you want to do it in best way Do it yourself . wrighting by your self will give a satisfaction and I guaranty you will enjoy.

Read it twice

When wrighting is done then read twice your whole post, figure out what can you improve,what you can highlight.as the highlighting words draw attention of readers, They connects to your post.so take your time..the post you will creat will be best of yours.