Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to Install ADB and Fastboot in Windows With Android SDK

It doesn’t matter at all that you are a hard-core Android user or not but we all have come across the words namely “ADB” and “Fastboot”. Especially, these words are well-known to those users who tweaks or mods their Android device/Tablet from the root level. Well, “ADB” is abbreviated as “Android Debug Bridge”, and which helps you to bridge a connection between your Android device/Tablet and a Computer. ADB allows you to flash custom recoveries, ROMs, Kernels, Mods and other tweaks, as well as you can make any advanced-level changes on your Android device or tablet easily. Not only that, now-a-days, if you want to update your Android device to the latest version then also you need ADB and a Fastboot component.Any user who uses Android Devices as Power User must have come across ADB and Fastboot commands.
Unfortunately, the Computer Operating System is not that much capable of detecting an Android device in “ADB” mode; So, for that, we need to install ADB & Fastboot Drivers on our Computer. To install ADB & Fastboot Drivers, we require Latest Android SDK download because “ADB” is the part of the platform-tools in Android Software Development Kit (SDK). So, if you are looking to download Android SDK and the method to install ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Windows Xp/7/8, then below is the step-wise guide which will surely help you to do that.

How To Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Windows Xp/7/8

Step 1: Download Android SDK or simply ADB & Fastboot Drivers depending upon your requirement.

Step 2:

a) If you download Android SDK then,
Extract it on the desktop.
Navigate to adt-Bundle > SDK, from there copy “platform-tools” folder and rename it to “Android“.
Place that folder in the “C: Drive” (C:Android).

b) If you download ADB & Fastboot Drivers then,
Extract the downloaded folder wherever you like and simply, place that extracted folder to “C: Drive” (C:Android).

Step 3: Now, press “Win + R” key together to open the “Run Dialog Box”.

Step 4: Once you get the Run box, type in sysdm.cpl and press Enter.
ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Windows Xp/7/8

Step 5: A “System Properties” window will open up and from the top navigation tab, you have to click on the Advanced tab > Environment Variables.
ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Windows Xp/7/8

Step 6: At the Environment Variables window, you have to find “path” found under the system variables and click on the “Edit“ button.
ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Windows Xp/7/8

Step 7: A small dialog box will pop-up with a editable field “Variable name and Variable value”.

Step 8: You don’t have to change the “Variable name” and in the “Variable Value”, you have to just add “;C:Android” (Without quotes) at the end.
ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Windows Xp/7/8

Step 9: Now, just go on clicking “OK” for three times and you are done!