Thursday, March 19, 2015


Rooting andriod why and how ?

Huge advantage of rooting is it allows you to install the latest build of Android on your device. For instance: you’ve got a Galaxy S3 and just learned Samsung isn’t updating it to KitKat. Well, if you root your device, that doesn’t really matter, because sooner or later there’ll be a KitKat ROM you can flash onto your device.

Rooting isn’t just for the hardcore coders and hackers amongst us, either. Literally millions of people run rooted Android phones and the reason for its popularity is pretty simple: rooting removes bloatware; rooting can improve battery performance; rooting takes you out of the where’s-my-update-loop; and, lastly, rooting grants you more control over your device, which, at its core, is what Android is supposed to be all about.

What You Can Now Do With Your Rooted Phone?

Custom ROMs

The first thing you’ll want to do is install a custom ROM. Again, there’s a myriad of options available to you now your phone’s been liberated – so feel free to explore your options. One of the best in the business, however, is CyanogenMod. It’s stable, regularly updated and always uses the latest and greatest build of Android. Definitely worth a look, if you’re new to the rooting game.

Banish Bloatware

If you bought your Android on contract, chances are it is jam-packed with bloatware (translation: useless software put on by handset makers and carriers). You’ll want to get rid of this superfluous BS right away, and to do so we recommend you use Titanium Backup – it’s simple and very easy to get to grips with. Bye, bye, bloatware!

Overclock The CPU

Having root access to your device’s software opens up a lot of doors if you’re interested in performance boosts. For instance, say you want more CPU power when playing games, all you need to do is download Set CPU – or something similar – and configure it to kick the CPU into overdrive once you boot up Dead Trigger 2.

Improve Battery Life

You can do similar things with customized kernels also. Many are about maximizing a particular handset’s performance and getting more out of older hardware; handy if you’re running something like the Galaxy S3 or HTC One S. Other kernels are all about power conservation and are designed to improve the efficiency and, therefore, battery life of your Android.


CWM is a very useful tool for taking a full backup of your phone or tablet including the ROM. Also CWM can be used to flash custom ROMs to your device.
Here is the overall process.

1. Download and install drivers for your device.

2. Download ClockworkMod-Recovery for your phone from main page from Downloads…tools..

3.Download Odin3-v1.85.rar from tools section of download (This is required to flash CWM)

4. Launch ODIN and select CWM file to flash

5. Boot the phone in to Download Mode

6. Connect the phone to pc and start flashing.

7.Download ODIN Software from tools from main page in download section and launch it. Do not Connect the phone to PC yet. Click on the PDA button and browse to ClockworkMod-Recovery_6.0.1.0.tar or CWM_6.0.5.1.tar.md5. UNCHECK Auto Reboot option. If everything correct, screen will look like..

8.Next we need to boot the Phone in to a special mode called 'Download Mode'. phone will accept the flash only in this mode.

9.Hold the power Button and Volume down button (samsung phone only) or try combinations of buttons on your phone simultaneously(better use google to find out).

phone  will reboot in to Download Mode as you see below.

10.Press Volume  buttton to continue as screen shows.Now connect the tablet to PC using the datacable.

11.Click the start button on ODIN and you can see the progress of flashing on ODIN.
When phone restart after flashing,Put your supersu zip(download the supersu from tools section of download) file in sdcard and boot into recovery hold the power button of tab for some time, so that tab gets power off. Then hold power button and volume up button simultaneously(samsung only) or recovery mode of ur phone to enter CWM Recovery  mode, install from sdcard and navigate to the and then install it....after installing reboot phone....if everything if correct then you will see supersu icon in your phone.......shown below